Additional Notes:

  • Please choose to go to one of the audition dates. No need to go to every audition date. The creative team may ask you to come back another day.


  • Auditions will begin at 4:30pm. When you arrive in the audition "holding area", there will be a sign-up sheet. Please sign up and the performers will be seen in order of their names on the sign-up sheet. We will also have additional information for the parents and performers to fill out. 

  • Audition preparation:

      Please prepare a portion of a song, rap or monologue of your choice from a musical theater   show. (Please do your research!)  Here are a few suggestions:


  • You may sing accapella, with a track and/or an accompanist.  An accompanist will be available. "a portion" =  a brief version of the song and/or 16 to 32 bars of a song/wrap of your choice. Always have the full song prepared in case casting wants to hear more. 


  • Call backs will be announced and you may be required to dance/move.


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