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Hi! I am Nikki Kimbrough, entrepreneur and fitness expert; Broadway performer and TV personality; director and producer; and executive director and owner of the Harlem All-Stars Theater Group (HASTG). Harlem All-Stars Theater Group is a non-profit, East Harlem-based  youth theater group  creating a risk-taking and trusting space, while providing youth with extraordinary theater experiences that  educate, encourage and  inspire underserved youth.  – est. 2014 

Thank you for supporting HASTG in continuing to expose our youth to all aspects of the performing arts and wellness; providing a safe space for our youth to express their creativity, perform and feel good about themselves through authenticity, excellence and love. Our kids need this positive and creative outlet more than ever right now.  We are looking forward to accomplishing many great things virtually and eventually in person, including finding a new home. We believe with an investment in building a fully-funded program for our theater kids, Harlem All-Stars Theater Group will succeed in  accomplishing everything and more.


HASTG is currently seeking $250,000 in immediate investment financing. This will enable The Harlem All-Stars Theater Group to fund the following: 


Harlem All-Stars Theater Group is currently seeking funding for the following:

  • Youth friendly and age-appropriate scripts, songs and music

  • Theatrical costumes so our youth will feel amazing and get the full performance experience

  • Youth friendly lavalier microphones and audio capabilities so we can hear their voices loud and clear

  • Employ a full-time team that will educate and share their expertise and experiences with our youth

  • Supportive production team that will produce virtual content and performances for our youth

  • Theatrical venue(s) that will enable our youth program to develop a relationship and home

  • Nutritional after-school and program snacks

  • Enriching field trips, workshops and guest speakers in the performing arts

  • Develop high-school and college internship programs; volunteer and summer programs for our youth

  • Harlem All-Stars Theater Group Inaugural Gala

  • Secure a permanent home to continue supporting our youth in the arts

*Details available upon request

Harlem All-Stars with "Ms. Nikki," Executive Director/Owner

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Sneak Peak

"Me and my Shadow" Rehearsal

Choreographed by: Brittney Griffin


Our theater kids are full of love, spunk and eager to learn and perform. Become a part of the Harlem All-Stars Theatre Group Family today and help us keep the curtain rising for our kids.


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Remember, we are a non-profit organization; therefore, tax acknowledgments are available. For a receipt, please email nikki@harlemallstars.com


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Harlem All-Stars Dancing with Brittney Griffin, Choreographer

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